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Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am going to try and revive this blog. (Not that it was ever living anyway, but I see the value in keeping a blog.) Initially I wanted this to be a place where a Catholic could provide some religious and political commentary. To be honest, however, I get depressed when I read what is going on in the world today. It is little wonder that people in America have lost interest in voting. Things are so bad; you almost don’t want to look anymore. People may not be able to keep their eyes off an oncoming train wreck, but once it happens, you have to deal with all the destruction and death, gore and blood, the injured and crying. It makes you sick and you just can’t watch anymore. Yet there is also the obligation of having to help when you are a witness to a tragedy. Like the mine disaster in Utah however, this can lead to even greater tragedy.

Well, I’m rambling but that is what I get for not blogging. There is so many things going through my head that I bounce from one subject to another. I am sorry.

Speaking of the mine disaster in Utah however, it is all part of the frustration I feel. It seems like senseless dying. Why did it happen? Partly because the mine owner was fighting various safety precautions, i.e., corporate greed in America; partly because the president puts people who are actually fighting the programs that help protect the public. And is anyone reporting this? No because America no longer has a “free press”. The corporate media, which is owned by a small handful, is pro-business/pro-Republican/pro-administration, so it avoids criticizing the current administration. The mine disaster has been going on for 11 days and Keith Obermann is the first newscasters to question safety at the Utah Mine.

I realize that is my only source for the articles above but like I said, it is difficult to find true investigative reporting anymore. I remember when I was a boy and how I was taught the importance of having a free press. I was told that in Russia , the citizens were only allowed to read the state newspaper, and they were given state run news on television. I felt sorry for them. I almost wished I could somehow shout to them and tell them that they were being brain washed. Now I realize that in America we have a similar problem, rather than a state run media we have corporate run media. Since Republicans support corporations, they are treated with kid gloves by the media. It is very sad.

Anyway, it is my intention to start writing more. I was thinking of doing a bit of bible study while at the same time looking at current events, and by this I mean doing the bible study in relation to what is happening now. I think some people might be surprised to hear a different perspective when it comes to the Bible.