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Saturday, August 27, 2005

The US continues to crumble

Well it has been a heck of a long time since I posted anything. However I look around and things are pretty depressing. Gas prices are at an all time high. Thereby kicking up revenues for our oil and gas corporations (of which George W and TheDick Cheney are members). The Iraq war continues to change it goals and purpose in hopes that Georgie can claim "Mission Accomplished" at some point. It honestly feels like GW has every intention of heading us toward Armageddon before he leaves office. Why not? If I screwed things up this badly, I would want to burn down the house before I left so no one could find any evidence of my wrong doings.

A recent medical review of the President's health found that he is one of the healthiest presidents ever. However maybe that is not saying much about his mental health. Another article that is not getting as much publicity says that his staff is doing everything it can to hide his angry tirades.

Fortunately, though maybe too late, people are finally beginning to wake up. This morning reports are out that the presidents approval rating has dropped to 40%. Unfortunately we still have to endure over two more years of this torture. Our environment continues to get mutilated. Civil Rights are taken away. The middle class is destroyed. I would almost swear that Bush wants this to become another Mexico, and have us crossing the borders of China to work their unwanted jobs.