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Monday, October 11, 2004

Catholics are sooo manipulated

One of the reasons for my wanting a blog, is the frustration I deal with by having a son who has been, in my opinion, deceived by the conservative spin especially with regard to abortion. I agree that the abortion issue is very important. However there are so many issues we must deal with as Americans, this simply cannot be the only issue we should consider during a major election.

Recently the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 came out in DVD, and I have been meaning to watch it. My 24 year old son, who still lives with us and is attending college, has a problem with Michael Moore. In an effort to be polite, while we were at the video store, I asked him if he would not mind if I watched the video (in my own house!) without him making a scene. He said that it would be alright, as long as he was not around. (Oh Thank YOU so much!)

Well I watched the DVD and I found it very enlightening. I recommend everyone watch it. For the first time I feel that I finally understand why Bush turned his attention from the mass murderer who attacked us on 9/11 (viz., Osama Bin Laden), and focused the government's efforts to go after Saddam Hussein instead. It seems the Bush family has a very close connection with the Bin Laden family that goes back to his father's business. Of course there is more to this explanation, but I encourage you to watch the movie to make your own determination.

So now we are stuck with a president who is busy with nation building (which is something he used to criticize Clinton about); who is busy building the biggest deficit ever (when Republicans are supposed to be fiscally conservative); a president who wants a gay marriage amendment to the constitution (when it is already understood that states do not have to recognize gay marriages from other states). Why? Because Republicans have convinced these "single issue" people to side with them on things like abortion. It's maddening!

There is a good article that came out written by Theodore Roszak, which talks about this issue. It is called: "Where did the middle go? How polarized politics and a radical GOP have put a chill on measured debate". I will post a link to the site here:

After watching the video, guess what happened? My son found some ridiculous reason to get into an argument with me. Personally I know its because he is pissed that I watched the DVD at all. What an idiot!