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Monday, September 24, 2007

The poem was inspired by a program I saw on PBS
By Captcoyote:

Taco Poets

A taco,
Is what I need.
A poem,
A jalapeño seed.
Inside of my taco
Burning my soul
Making me wish
Making me whole.
As I feed myself
I feed my mind.
It makes me see
The world is blind.
Like a bunch of sheep
They follow the herd
Over the cliff
With barely a word
I must stand up
I must speak out
Oh Fox Noise
To you I shout.
You promote the war
And you repeat every lie,
It is our children you send
To Middle East to die.
While the rich make profits
Corrupt to the core
Your children too rich
To die in this war.
The war is good
The war is right,
As long your children
Can sleep in comfort tonight.
To hell with the spiks,
The niggers and the fags,
We’ll get rich as they
Fill our body bags.
The war is for oil
As Greenspan has said,
So fill up the graveyards,
With all of our dead.


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