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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom Delay Resigned - Hallelujah!

This is enough to give me a religious experience! Praise God! I am so glad to see Tom Delay gone. Hopefully this is just the beginning. Hopefully more will fall before it is too late. The current administration is getting us further and further into debt. I sometimes worry if there will even be an America left by the time this administration finishes their term. Despite the fact that the run two of the three (and practically all three) branches of the government, slowly but surely their ranks are being taken away in corruption.

This is not to say that I honestly think that the Democrats can honestly do better, because the corporations of America now have too much power. The ultra rich have corrupted our government, and those in power are drunk with money they are wallowing in. The Iraq war has been used to enrich war profiteers and the oil companies. The Democrats may not do much better, and it is time that people started demanding that the constitution be changed to make it easier for third party candidates to get into office. We need an influx of new blood. We need people who really do care about our country, and are not there just to make themselves wealthy and drunk with power.


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