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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Poem: Working Two Jobs

In exhaustion I close my eyes,
Or rather they close for me.
Trapped within my own mind,
My brain is its own worst enemy.

For the sake of my livelihood
I must remain alert and conscience.
Yet my brain plays tricks on me,
With misty dreams of nonsense.

It brings my loved one to me
She kisses me on the lips with caress.
Everything seems so good to me,
‘Til my head jerks down in excess.

I look around and I hope I’m safe
I breathe in deep my own deception.
Squaring my shoulders I start my task,
While my mind spins in another direction.

Working two jobs I am at the other,
Still my youth is not something I could save.
Yet life demands that I do what I can
While not losing what little I already have.

In my dreams I am working both jobs,
Doing them both at the same time.
No, it is three jobs I do, as I work
To rest my mind in a peaceful bending rhyme.

They swerve together bending and twisting
Like twine becoming rope, a beautiful braid.
You turn one end, while I twist the other.
Are these the dreams for which I am paid?

Wake up you sluggard and fulfill your job!
Others you love depend on your employ.
Pity those who in debt struggle with less.
Who may never see or taste the fruits of joy.

The rich get richer and piss down on us,
They laugh and sing and dance on our devastation.
They take what little that was given to the poor,
While the middle class is also set for destruction.


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