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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

Yesterday around 10:30 PM CST my sister-in-law tried to get her son into the hospital in Midland, TX. They were using my insurance to get him in to the hospital, because he is covered from him living with me for most of the year. However they were rebuffed and told to go home by the hospital staff. I cannot help but feel that it was because the boy's mother does not speak English fluently. Bigotry in America is becoming something terrible.

Well my wife called (from where we live in a different state) and got it straightened out, but she had to get the baby seen by somebody who had actually talked to her. When the doctor finally saw the baby they recognized that the baby had pneumonia. So I guess it was pretty important that the baby was seen right away!

What a way to begin the new year! Bigotry. Apparently this happened at the "West Campus" of Midland Memorial. They had to go to the Main Campus of Midland Memorial to be treated properly. This really ticks me off.


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