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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nobody reads this anyway

I'm sorry but I need to pray right now. I know I shouldn't get too personal on these sights, but nobody reads my crap anyway so let me diverge from my normal writing style and let me take this opportunity to talk to God. He is the only one that is listening anyway.

Dear God in heaven, life is sucking hard right now. I wrecked my car on Monday. I am driving a rental that I have to pay for myself, because it was not covered in my insurance. I have to go to court because it was technically my fault, though I simply cannot not understand why I did not see the car prior to my turning left. Plus I can't help but feel that my time on this planet is drawing to a close. My health sucks. I have a hard time walking because of fractured foot, and right now both my legs hurt.

However, I don't want to make it all about me. I look around me and it looks like our country is sucking pretty hard too. Maybe it is a good time to die. Republicans and Democrats appear to be too stupid to work out a deal on the budget. It seems to me that the Republicans are intent on screwing our economy and then turning around and blaming Obama for the total screw up. It is just sad. How can people be so stupid.

In the meantime I am watching the middle class get crushed, while the super rich get richer.

God when will you return? These people have forgotten you. They have forgotten that you want them help the poor. They have forgotten that you want us to treat strangers on our land like friends and neighbors. They have forgotten how to talk to each other. They have forgotten that you are a God of Love.

Please help me to do what I can, and please help me to stay alive. Have mercy on me oh Lord. Amen.


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