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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Crying in the Wilderness

I am very depressed. John Kerry lost the election. Considering that hardly anyone reads this blog anyway, I feel it is relatively safe to express how I feel here.

I am sad for America. It really has brought me to tears. I am very concerned about the direction Mr. Bush is taking this country. I worry because it seems to me he has taken us into a war for which he had plans long before September 11th. I believe he is destroying our economy with the hopes of destroying social programs that help the poor. I believe he supports a racist agenda. I believe he is destroying our environment for the sake of capitalistic cronyism.

Yet what are Democrats to do? They are their weakest point politically. I feel that the Republicans not only control all branches of the government, I also think our country has essentially lost their “freedom of the press.” It seems the media is willing to look over many of the indiscretions this administration is guilty of committing.

I am sure many Democrats are already doing some deep introspection as to why we lost, and why we are losing. One of the major polls identified that “moral values” was a major factor for the way most people voted. That would seem to indicate that we are on the wrong side of what most people consider “moral values.” I believe part of the problem is that, Democrats try not to be offensive by not mixing God into their equations, while Republicans eagerly identify themselves as messengers of God.

Democrats seriously need to understand where they stand in their relationship with the Almighty. I refuse to believe that we cannot do this, simply because we are trying to keep atheist and agnostics happy. Even they have a concept of morality, and how the current administration practically endorses racism, capitalistic cronyism, destruction of the middle-class through lower wages, destruction of our environment, etc.

Ultimately we will need to find not only our message, but our messenger as well. When we rise up again, it will have to be with the forceful impact of a religious crusade. We will need some one who can open the eyes of the public at large to what Republicans are doing to the poor, to the environment, to the economy, to our military, to our world, and our moral values. It must be identified as sinful. All must recognize that it is time to redeem America from the direction that Republicans are taking this country before it is too late.

I recognize that the big moral issues that tend to turn most Christians are gay rights and abortion, and these are very important issues. Democrats are not only more tolerant of gays and abortions; it almost appears that they promote them. The abortion industry is perceived as a big industry that promotes Democratic candidates. Also there are a lot of wealthy gay people who help Democratic candidates. This may be a problem for Democrats, and it will be something for them to consider.

On the other hand, I also consider studies that show that abortions actually went down during the time that Clinton was in office, while they have gone up under the Bush administration. See: . I am also concerned about the idea of selecting a particular group to treat as a pariah. Assuming we can ostracize all gay people who will be next? Blacks? Mexicans?

Well on this day, there is not much Democrats can do, except pick up the pieces and reconsider what to do next. God help us!